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Lori Caricofe
2 min readOct 1, 2021

“Hi there, I’m Joe, one of the best property experts in the UK.”

OK time out. Whilst this maybe how you see yourself, is this how others see you? Have you checked? Your personal brand is not about what you believe you are (or what you believe you should be); it’s about how others see you. Understanding this crucial difference is an important first step.

In an ever changing, fast paced world, how do you stay relevant and authentic? You may know what you do but do others?

Importance of branding

Self-awareness means being openly honest about what your skills and development points are. Yes, it’s hard! But those who can master this are not shy of being open about what/who they are and what/who they are not. This is a trait I would say we tend to see in new generation leaders. Knowing how to communicate who you are and what you’re passionate about can only be a good thing. Particularly if you’re trying to have impact, whether through personal initiatives, hobbies or business, a clear brand to your audience can help to signal what you stand for and why they should care.

Where to start — the how to

It’s not as scary or inconceivable as you may think to build your personal or business brand. Start by defining your purpose and know why it’s your purpose. Then ensure that you can offer something to your audience that is irresistible to them (likely because they can relate to your purpose in some way). Lastly, collaborate collaborate, collaborate. Lets dive in.

I. Define your purpose

II. Offer a service

III. Collaborate effectively

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Written by Oluchi Ikechi-D’Amico

Originally published at on October 1, 2021.



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