Why Companies Are Turning To Asp.Net For Web Application Development?

In 2020, businesses are searching for the new constant for their outgrowing digitally.

Earlier, it was easy to establish a business with a single entity, for example, accomplishing business with a physical presence and having some important contacts. Whereas, with the debut of an experienced web development company and trend of being smart, you just can’t ignore to be one.

And there comes the right time when you need some interaction with the web development companies.

And when it comes to web application development, there are numerous technologies available to choose from. There are a lot of open-source technologies like java and PHP and on the contrary, comes closed-source technology like ASP.Net MVC.

When trusted and experienced web developers in Dubai use ASP.NET MVC to develop web apps, but with the inception of the latest ASP.NET Core framework, the tables were turned. This comes with myriad benefits far more from ASP.Net MVC for web app development.

ASP.Net Core is a successor to ASP.Net framework, which is a free and open-source web framework developed by Microsoft and community. Initially, it’s a complete refrain of ASP.NET that amalgams MVC structure and Web API in a single frame.

Simply, because .Net is always ushering the change in the outcomes positively and more efficient than any other current web app development technologies. So, before we match footstep with the latest trends, let’s have a quick rundown of the advantages ASP.Net framework holds.

Benefit 1: Feature-Full Array Of Tools

Known by many that ASP.Net is extensively complemented by the rich tools like Visual Studio integration. The technology has expertise in dealing with automatic deployment, firewall integration, and nearly drag and drops function with the help of highly intelligent professionals by default.

Benefit 2: Language-Independent Platform


It’s undeniable that ASP.Net technology is a complete language independent platform. This platform enables developers to choose any of the languages of their comfort and choice and set their route of coding protocols. The platform provides a lending hand in splitting the application between the languages. So, there will be no barriers to hire web developers and developing the application.

Benefit 3: Exclusive productivity With Fewer Lines Of Codes!

Developers will never appreciate inculcating more in the complexities of coding and delving with the prominent loading times. Well, ASP.Net authorizes experts to write lesser lines of codes and have more functionalities in comparison to the available technologies giving after the complex code structure.

Precisely talking about the enterprise applications, it’s pretty easy to write the code using the ASP.Net intellectuals. The technology has the brains rectifying the debugs in advance and making the code error-free.

Benefit 4: Swift Working

There are several projects .Net development company in Dubai are working on for years.

What’s the reason behind that?

Naturally, a deficit of understanding in choosing the right talent, right resources and right technologies? You need to be specific in managing with projects in completing and making them flawless with no coding or performance errors.

Whereas, with proficient developers, it has come out to be a more exciting option to work with the platform with functionalities in minimum span of time. The data caching of ASP.Net provides the fastest ever working database accessibility and is, for sure, a welcoming entity for the development aspects.

Why ASP.NET Core Is The Ideal Choice For Web Application Development?

ASP.NET Core is an emerging, dynamic, and features-rich framework that proffer features to build super-robust API for web apps.

Let’s take a look at the elements that make ASP.NET Core a perfect choice for enterprise application development.

The MVC Architecture

Back in the early days, the classic ASP.NET, developers need to be concerned about IsPostBack and Viewstate. But, with MVC, web application development has turned more natural, and the workflow also more efficient and streamlined.

Besides, the latest ASP.NET Core framework further helps in developing web APIs and web applications testable in a profound way, by accomplishing a clear separation of concerns. If said in simple ABC, ASP.NET Core makes it a lot easier for developers to code, compile, and test something in either model, view, or even the controller.

Razor Pages

“Razor Pages” a new element for ASP.NET Core that makes programming page-focused scenarios more productive. From technical aspects, Razor Pages is a page-based coding model that makes building web User Interface a lot easier.

So, if you have ever worked on ASP.NET MVC framework before, then you already know that the controller classes are filled with a large number of actions. And, not just that, they also grow as the new things are added.

Along with Razor Pages, each web page becomes self-contained with its view component, and the lines of codes are also organized well-together.

Support For Popular Javascript Framework

Distinctive to ASP.NET MVC, the latest update .NET Core framework provides built-in templates for two of the most popular javascript frameworks — Angular and Reactive (Also, Aurelia).

The JavaScriptServices in the new ASP.NET Core provides a structure that developers need to develop client-side apps using the already discussed Javascript frameworks. The Javascript initially aims to eliminate underlying plumbing to allow developers to start coding application sooner, making it possible to build feature-rich front-end web applications.

In-Built Dependency Injection Support

ASP.NET Core framework provides in-built dependency injection, meaning you don’t need to be dependent on third-party frameworks like AutoFactor and Nineject anymore.

Dependency injection is basically a pattern that can help a developer to mark a difference in the elements of their apps. Before the launch of ASP.NET Core, the only way to get Dependency injection in any application was by utilizing the above mentioned framework (Ninejet and Autofactor).

But in ASP.NET Core, the dependency injection is treated as a first-class citizen. What this means is that developers are no longer confined to web applications, and they can leverage new libraries in more event-driven apps such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions.

After all, the dependency injection in the ASP.NET Core framework improvises the testability and extensibility of web applications.

Revised Collaboration and & cross-Platform Support

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform framework, that means the building of the app using this framework can jell with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system. Moreover, web developers in Dubai feel free to select their development OS as well.

In simple words, your developers can work across Linux, Mac OS, or Windows, and they can still collaborate on the same project. This is made possible with the unified experience offered by the Visual Studio IDE.

In a nutshell, the ASP.NET Core framework has the potential to build and run web apps on Windows, Mac OS, AND Linux.

Why Xicom Is The Ideal Choice For ASP.NET Core Enterprise App Development

ASP.NET Core is the new era of enterprise web application development. With improvements evolving to its features, an ASP.NET developer’s life has become far more accessible, and similarly, the enterprise’s web presence more profitable.

All these prospects make ASP.NET Core the finest choice among enterprises to build their web apps with a reliable and innovative web development company.

So, while you are funnelling down the list of web development companies in Dubai to partner with, Xicom acts your catalyst in making your product a big success. Their MVC developers dwell with rich experience and expertise that is essential to make an error-free app with this framework.

They have a deep insight into every know-how and walk the extra mile to give customized care to each project in hand. Their best-in-class service to hire website developers makes the right fit for your web project with their understanding for your business niche and build your web apps in a way that benefits your business in the best way possible.

So, if you want an expert to handle the project from conception to completion, get your Free Project Consultation at an affordable rate of $25–49/hr benefiting your business.

Originally published at https://www.xicom.ae on April 28, 2020.




Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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Lori Caricofe

Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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