What is the Cost of Developing an Event Mobile App?

Lori Caricofe
5 min readJul 31, 2019

When we look at this Statistia report of 2019 about Event industry we find that : -

· Revenue in the Event Tickets segment amounts to US$73,424m in 2019.

· Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019–2023) of 9.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$105,359m by 2023.

Due to the increased number of events happenings around the world, there has been a surge in the number of event apps in past few years. These apps are built especially for programs that give an exact information about a certain event being organized. So many organizations nowadays use event apps for their national or international conferences because they let members know and access the event details while they move between sessions. Today we are living in the age of smartphones and tablets. That’s why these kinds of event apps are becoming necessary for organizations as people want to easily access the information through their smartphones. To cater to this huge demand for event apps, so many software developers and app development companies have started to offer event app solutions which provide all the features of event apps. Hence you should look for best App Development Company in Dubai if you are seeking to build your first event mobile app in that area or region.

Let’s now look at the best event planning apps which make your life lot more easier as you can plan the events with ease.

Best Event Planning Apps: -

· Eventbrite

· Social Tables Check-In

· Certain Arrive

· Zkipster

These top companies in event planning app segment have certainly helped to make this segment more popular among people and smartphone users.

Now we will go into the depth of how ticket booking app development services work and what are the essential features in these apps so that we can reach at a final cost to develop such an app.

Essential Features of Event Planning Apps: -

When we look at the features of the popular event planning apps like Eventbrite or Ticketmaster we find that there are certain features which are common and which are also must haves in such an app.

When you hire an App Developer in Dubai and he starts to develop the event planning app then you have to divide the features into versions of the app: -

· For the users

· For the App Admin

Now let’s discuss about the required components of the event app.

The Components of the Event App on Which its Overall Cost Depends: -

· The Platform of the mobile app

The cost of the app depends on the mobile platform for which it is developed and on which it is launched. Either the developers can go for either Android or iPhone app or both. That’s why when you hire an app development company then the first thing they ask you is your choice of platform. If you choose to build your event app for one of these platforms, then the cost would be calculated on the average hourly rates for native app development. But if you chose to build it for both the platforms then the developers will follow the hybrid app development, which is comparatively less expensive than the native.

· GPS Connectivity

The companies which are into Mobile App Development in Dubai area know very well the benefits of adding GPS into the apps. To make it easier for your users to reach the destination of the event, you must include and integrate the location based GPS service into your app. This needs an additional cost equivalent to the number of hours consumed in adding this functionality multiplied by the average hourly rate. Generally, it takes around one week in just integrating the GPS module hence it will increase the cost accordingly.

· API Integrations

If you intend to integrate your event app with a third-party service to add more features, then it will surely increase its development cost. For instance, to add a payment gateway for allowing digital payments so that the users can buy the tickets online, the developers will charge extra cost depending on the number of hours they need to do the API integrations. Normally it takes about 4–5 days to do this.

· Social Features

This is also a major part of the cost of event app development. Using social features, you can make the app more user-friendly as users can share their data and post what they prefer to do at the events including some event photos and videos. The social networking features definitely help in engaging more traffic. Normally it takes around 1 week to include this feature into your app.

· Special Offers and Discounts

Businesses can target special group of users by providing them special offers and discounts from time to time. For example, you can launch special popular offers for millennials whenever they go out for shopping, date, dinner, movies etc. These kinds of discounts, deals, offers, cashback or coupons increase user satisfaction and improve their loyalty towards using your event app service. Normally, it needs 2 days to develop and add such a functionality into your app. Similarly, you can add many other services like video streaming which is highly popular nowadays or chatting or dynamic content change and more. But remember more feature you add, more will be the cost of developing the app.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Event App?

The cost of building a mobile app like Eventbrite depends on a number of factors. But if you are looking for an event management app that works around the above discussed features then we can make an estimate of the cost of development. The final cost of developing an event management app will fall somewhere in the range of $10k-$15k considering you are adding the features as discussed above. This cost includes everything from design to development and monthly maintenance of your mobile app.

So, what’s most important is to find the right iPhone App Development company or an Android App Development company in dubai based on your choice of platform which will not surprise you with the final cost of developing your app. Best is get in touch with us as we offer the best prices in the industry along with offering top quality app development services.



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