How to Defend Oil, Gas and Mining Targets from UAS

Disruption of core industries such as oil, gas, and mining has long been a tactic of war, terrorism, and political activism. As drone technology advances, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can be used to increasingly devastating effect, with explosives and other disruptive payloads being transported via drones in growing quantities.

In March 2020, US soldiers guarding oil and gas facilities in Syria were repeatedly attacked by UAS dropping small explosive payloads. Though the attacks spanned over multiple days, there were no casualties. However, the effectiveness of the UAS and the anonymity of the assailants was, and remains, a huge disruption and cause for concern.

Such attacks are becoming more common, with another having been recorded late in 2019, when two Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were struck by armed drones, causing fires to break out at the production plants.

Critical Drone Defense With DroneShield

DroneShield can provide operators in the oil, gas, and mining industries with world-leading counterdrone protection (C-UAS) equipment that are able to detect, identify, and neutralise intruding drones effectively and efficiently.

With cutting-edge multi-sensor counterdrone arrays, DroneShield can detect incoming threats and alert operators in real-time whilst also gathering valuable data as evidence for use in legal proceedings. Plus it can identify the direct UAS threat, DroneShield’s counter-drone defence systems can also ground intruding drones and identify the location of UAS pilots.

Through the use of DroneSentry-C2, operators can set up exclusion zones and thus maintain control over entire sites with ease, allowing the DroneShield system to then automatically apply C-UAS disruption and countermeasure capabilities without direct input from the user.

Fixed and portable counter-drone solutions, such as the 360-degree view DroneSentry and the wearable C-UAS RfPatrol, also allow operators to tailor defences to specific industrial locations and adapt DroneShield technology to suit their specific counter-drone needs.

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