On-demand Laundry and Dry-cleaning Apps: Costs & Features

Nowadays, there are on-demand mobile applications for almost everything, from food ordering apps to on-demand taxi apps. If we talk about best on-demand dry-cleaning and laundry apps, there are a few popular mobile applications like Washmen, DRYV, Cleanly, Laundrapp, etc. available for the users. These mobile apps help users to book their dry cleaning and laundry services with just a few clicks.

As per the latest study of grandviewresearch, retail & dry cleaning services was the largest revenue share of 39.5% in the year 2016. In the USA, there are approximately 33,000 single dry cleaning service markets. Also, there are about 22,000 of them that provide retail solutions to their users.

According to Statista, the total market capitalization of laundry and dry cleaning services will amount to around 14.5 US billion dollars by the year 2025. In addition to this, it is expected that the revenue of dry cleaning and laundry services will reach to 7,660 by the end of the year 2020.

Now Have a Look at Top Players in the Domain of Laundry Mobile app


Currently, this mobile app is only available for iOS mobile phone users, but it also allows you to make requests on your company website. Meanwhile, mobile phone customers are only asked to schedule delivery between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., and the service will contact them at the time specified by the client.

If users are not at home when they receive it, they can choose to leave the clothes outside the door of the house. In addition to this, it presents separate bags for regular clothing and dry items for cleaning. This service has 24 hours for washing and folding and 36 hours for dry cleaning. Wash and fold $ 1.50 / lb. and dry cleaning supplies cost at least $ 20 / l. This service is currently available in Brooklyn, Washington DC, and New York.


It works by simply opening the mobile app and scheduling the rinse. Here each customer is on a specific “path” and will receive free shipping on scheduled days. Meanwhile, the mobile app offers features like “Express Delivery” for urgent washing requirements. With this feature, the user can send them clean clothes in 24 hours or less for only $ 5.

Here the users have to divide the clothes and organize the dry cleaning articles. In addition to this, you do not have to be home to get clean clothes, just give your business access to a safe area where you can put your clean clothes and tools. Now Rinse offers services in San Francisco and Los Angeles and charges $ 1.75 for laundry and folding, at least $ 15. The cost of dry cleaning starts at $ 2.50 and varies by item. Meanwhile, it takes approximately 24 hours to deliver the cleaning cloth.


Like rinse and clean, FlyCleaners enables users to choose between delivery and delivery from 6 am to midnight. In an emergency, the app also offers night cleaning and separate bags for clean items, one for washing and the other for clean, dry items.

The application also offers this function in the “special instructions box” where the user can enter up to four items of clothing that they want to wear. Currently, the app serves most of Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as night service, as the laundry is selected to wash and fold until 11 p.m. and it is delivered before 11 p.m., while dry cleaning can take up to three or four days. Meanwhile, price varies by location but can be around $ 1.50 if washing, folding, and dry-cleaning products cost $ 15. This also means a $ 4 shipping charge for orders under $ 30.


This mobile app is completely unique compared to others because it also allows users to choose who to wash their clothes. The service here is for the business, not the users, so users only have to pay a cleaning fee to clean and deliver their clothes. However, with Delivery.com, this company is not responsible if the detergent accidentally squeezes the clothes.

The minimum specific zip code can range from $ 20 to $ 45, while delivery time can be approximately 48 hours. But the good thing is that the app offers all your laundry options in one place and allows its users to choose how much they want to pay and how long they can wait. The price depends on the type of cleaning agent the user chooses, and the same applies to the response time. Meanwhile, it serves more than 40 cities, including Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Dallas.

Here Are Some Top Features of On-demand Laundry Mobile Applications

The on-demand laundry mobile app allows the service provider to target individual clients, such as students and working professionals. In addition to this, the store can be established in locations such as hospitals and the hotel industry.

Scheduled pick-up

On-demand mobile dry cleaning applications allow customers to place orders easily by setting the correct date and time. Depending on whether the user is involved in the service, the mobile app allows the consumer to choose the delivery time of their clothes at the stored address. The unique laundry and dry cleaning service allow you to choose your favorite service and group your clothes with special instructions if any.

History tracking

This option facilitates mobile app users to view details of all previous clothing requests. This allows users to maintain a checklist of the number of clothes they washed. This particular feature allows the app user to view the amount of the previous order to adjust the dress.

Order Tracking

This is an essential part of any on-demand mobile app. When monitoring the condition of the laundry service, the user can take measures to wear clothes in case of sudden flight plans. If it is delayed for any reason, the user can track it by looking at the site during the order tracking phase. In addition, the customer can see the current situation as a dress. This helps the application user and service provider to coordinate properly.

Payment option

The on-demand mobile phone app provides convenient payment options for customers. The customer should not have to worry about cash, fees or balance. With the help of clients from credit or debit cards or online banking, the customer can easily make a precise payment. With this option, the customer does not have to bring cash or worry about the previous balance.

Price List

The app user can view the cost of different clothing and clothing items. This option allows the user to check the final price. The service fee will be charged based on the type of clothing included in the service order. The service depends on the type of dress and the material of the dress.

Rating wash service

This option allows the customer to rate the laundry service on a five-star scale. The customer can also provide an overview of the laundry service experience. The evaluation of the service provider helps the market based on customer experience. On-demand laundry service providers can improve the customer experience based on rating and comment.

Process Panel of Laundry Application Features

The laundry mobile application development process is based on 3 panels and they are the major components of dry cleaning mobile app development.

  • Client / Customer Panel
  • Service Provider Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Register with Basic Details
  • Search Nearby Laundry Service
  • Choose Laundry type and view price
  • Select Package
  • Select the date and delivery date
  • Send laundry Request to Admin
  • Track laundryman via GPS
  • View Order status
  • Pay through Audio QR scanning,
  • View history of previous orders
  • View Offers and Discounts
  • Refer your friend with referral code
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Log in/Sign up to the Service Panel
  • Enabled to view and manage profile
  • Manage laundry charges
  • View Order Request
  • Manage Orders and their status
  • View Order history
  • Manage Offers and discount
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • Effective Management of panel
  • Provide actions to User
  • Provide actions to Laundrymen
  • Payment Management
  • Laundry Category Manager
  • Manage Commission
  • Payment Management
  • Content Management
  • Analytics ( App usage, total users)

How Much It Costs to Create a Laundry and Dry Cleaning App like Cleanly?

Let’s talk about the cost of laundry mobile app development. The cost of laundry mobile applications depends on company to company. However, here I am listing the development costs of most of the mobile app development companies in Dubai.

In addition to this, the cost of laundry & dry cleaning apps development also depends on the functionality & features to integrate and develop hours. Here, the crucial factors comprise a selection of app development platforms, whether you like to have an iPhone app or Android app or both at the same time, a UI/UX design of a mobile application, back-end and front-end development and mobile app quality check and deployment in the app store.

The approximate cost of app development is around the US $ 30000. Although, if you like to know the exact cost of mobile app development, you can contact an app development company.

Let’s Wrap Up

I hope with this blog, you will be able to get a fair idea about laundry and dry cleaning mobile app development features and cost. No doubt, the demand for laundry apps is increasing day after day. Therefore, most of the entrepreneurs are trying their luck in the on-demand mobile app business.

One of the most crucial factors in the success of an on-demand mobile application is choosing the right iOS or Android app development company. There are many firms providing the best in domain services to the customers. You should choose only those firms which can understand your domain and have expertise in creating on-demand mobile applications. You can also hire mobile app developers for your project.

Originally published at https://www.xicom.ae on March 23, 2020.

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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Lori Caricofe

Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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