Mobile Stats To Know In 2020

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Do you ever wonder?

  • How much revenue mobile app generates in a year?
  • How many hours the do user spend on their phone every day?
  • Or, still, sitting on the fence to make your brand available online?

Regardless, there is a ream of statistics to answer all these questions.

We at Xicom, love all the technology stack — from Mobile to web app development to user behaviour, we are charmed by it all. As the year dawns to new technologies, its obvious for people to anticipate what obstacles and decipher the upcoming technology will usher.

It’s natural to expect the winds of change to blow in almost every direction of the app development company. 2019’s end brings a decades’ worth of technology development while 2020 cements the footstep in emerging technology.

And, here we are turning the pages and entering another. Let’s uncover what innovations it will bring.

The Technological World Is Progressing At A Unpredictable Rate

Consider, for instance, the rate at which the mobile industry is progressing. 2019 marks the 12th anniversary of the first iPhone.

Over the past few years, Apple has launched a total of nineteen iPhones, consisting of iPhone S and iPhone Plus models, along with the latest launch of iPhone 11. And this is about only one manufacturer!

Alongside this, the mobile app market has shown rampant growth over the years. The reasons may be due to the growing adoption of mobile devices in our lives.

De facto, it’s the mobility factor that is relentlessly reshaping the whole industries. So, this makes mobile a necessity, and as a result, apps have become an integral part of our lives.

The Unprecedented Growth of the Mobile App Market

Research predicts that the average American spends 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on mobile devices and checks their phones nearly 80 times a day.

Impressive, huh?

But, what’s everyone doing on their phones?

Studies indicate that 90% of mobile time is spent on apps. Now, that’s enough to send the iOS app developer into a frenzy.

The core activity in apps is digital audio. Average American spends 50 minutes on the audio mobile apps and 40 minutes on social media, among other listed favourites such as gaming, video, and messaging.

Mobile App Growth in the Coming Days

1. After All, It Is About Money

Not surprisingly, people are still digging the free stuff. It seems that even the turn of the decade won’t change this. Moreover, mobile apps are expected to produce $ 189 billion in revenue by 2020, stated by

Even, if the app is free to download, monetization planning like in-app purchases, lend a hand to roll in the profits. As a matter of fact, in-app advertising spend is predicted to triple, reaching $201 billion by 2021.

However, to make your app a success story, you need to get it downloaded by a vast audience. As long as people install it, it will ultimately convert into money. And, as there are more users, the more revenue will be generated.

2. Reach To Behemoth Audience

More interesting, BusinessofApps forecasted where most of the app downloads were taking place. 64% came from the APAC region, 19% from EMEA, AND 17% from AMER. Whereas, China accounted for 50% of global app downloads.

Irrespective, India is the leading fore-runner for app download growth, followed by the USA and Brazil, says Business Insider.

Now, let’s jump to:

General Mobile Stats

Undeniably, a paid app seems like it’s hard to gain customers. Still, if your customers are loyal to your brand, they’ll be waiting to pay to access your app. The most prominent benefit of having a paid app is that you gain revenue with every download.

b) An Exponential Drift Of Mobile Users Globally To 7.26 Billion

If you are stuck on whether going for a mobile app is a beneficial choice for your business, use this stat as a good omen. Going mobile doesn’t mean you surely need to have an app; it also means creating a mobile-friendly website to match your desktop experience.

No matter what path suits your journey best, it’s always beneficial to be accessible on-the-go. To make this a reality partnering with the trusted mobile app development companies in Dubai and across the profound technical countries is an ideal choice.

c) The Smartphone Sales Are Predicted To Reach 1.56 Billion Units Or More In 2020

To be clear, this is not the precise number of smartphones projected to be in use or in circulation. This is the total number of smartphones projected to be sold to users in 2020. These consumers types can range from new users getting their first purchase of smartphones to users who are finally upgrading their present smartphones.

Mobile App Stats

Annual worldwide app downloads have grown to 45% since 2016, showing that users are continually seeking out new and innovative apps in the play store. It’s never too late to join the mobile app industry because users are continuously searching for new ways to streamline their lives.

And, to achieve a greater audience, it’s essential to opt for the crucial Andriod app developmentor iOS development to curate your nook in the hierarchy.

The foremost step is having an app. The next step is to keep users engaged and wanting for more. Without any second thought, users are spending more time on their devices but are they investing time on your app?

So, consider a digital strategy so you can position your brand that makes a part of customer’s everyday life. I

Stepping into the e-commerce world isn’t all you have to do. It’s your sole responsibility to provide a seamless experience to your users as they are shopping through your app for one reason — “ease of access”.

So, if they have to hop through hoops to make a simple purchase, you lose credibility, and they are for sure going to take their money somewhere else. Creating user loyalty is a prominent sign of success, and don’t leave any chances of slip-ups for them to disengage.

iPhone Apps Vs Android Apps Market

The time you enter the mobile market, there are a lot of distinctive aspects to be taken care of, especially which platform to choose. Maybe it’s both, or it’s one or the other.

Yes! It’s true Android owns a majority of the market for smartphones, but that does not mean taking the Android road will take you to reap huge revenues.

50% Of iOS App Run On The Latest Software Update (iOS 13) While Only 10% Android Devices Are running On The Second Latest

We all know, both iOS and Android have their own unique features accompanied with each update. Users are happier when they receive constant updates and frequent updates without bugs and glitches. So, when you pick which platform you are going to opt for development, it’s important to consider how software updates will affect your product and it’s respective service as well.

79% OF Consumer Spend In The Top 250 NON-GAMING APPS By IOS Apps, While 21% Of Clients Spend In The Top 250 NON-GAMING APPS By GOOGLE Apps

Android owns the lion share in the OS market, yet a majority of clients spends in the leading 250 non-gaming apps led by iOS app development. Taking this in count along with other unskippable stats when you consider what route to take or your digital transformation journey.

App Store Vs Google Play Store

This is a two-way story. You can look at it as the Google play store is more accessible because of Android’s share market. You can also have an insight into it and realize that Google play store could be a more competitive market for your app.

Moreover, it’s important to consider which of the competitive market is the right fit for your business.

The Google Play Store Has Revenue Of 24.8 Billion In Gross, While Apple App Store Has 46.6 Billion in Revenue

While developing a mobile app for your unique business requirement, it’s high time to partner with an iOS app developerthat focus on your ROI.

Of course, you have to think where will the money flow from?

Ads, in-app purchases and paid downloads.

Gaming App Stats

Undoubtedly, the top 5 gaming apps based on Apple store and google play store download combined.

Gaming is a prominent market for mobile apps. With so many games in the market, the issue arises on how to position your games as better or unique from the rest.

Social Apps

Whether it’s a mobile site or a mobile app, users want to access their social media just a touch away. So, stay updated with iPhone app developers and Android geeks in a comment section and the potential to post instantly is pretty important for social media users.

The top 5 Social Apps On The App Store and Google Play Store Are As Follow:

Now What?

We understand, we just threw a deep insight of information at you. It’s a lot to digest, but you don’t need to be in this alone. Hopefully, our dedicated Android app developersand iOS professionals help you to see new perspectives as you consider digital transformations or mobile app development.

We, at Xicom, adhere to understand your audience’s spending habits, Behaviour, and much more crucial aspect when everything that matters is your app.

So, if you have an idea for a mobile app or have an app to make some improvement?We are here waiting with your Free Project Discussion to digitally transform your business.

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