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In today’s digital landscape, social media and websites are not the only way of generating sales and create brand credibility. Instead, the next revolution — “Mobile Revolution” has unfurled numerous opportunities for businesses and financial grounds. Building a mobile app is one of the effective ways to significantly accelerate and create a loyal user base.

Then, why should banking sector be left untouched? As per the Statista report, more than 178.1 Million apps were downloaded in 2017, and the trajectory is predicted to grow 258.2 Billion apps downloaded by 2022. But, if you look for the banking app insights, they have a lot of work to do. And, now is the right time for banks to invest their money and time for building a mobile banking app like DIB to unlock their potential profits.

However, this question must be troubling you “How Much Does It Cost You To Build An App Like DIB (Dubai Islamic Banking)”? Though there has been never one-size fit all solution that determine how much money will it take to design an app like DIB mobile banking app, many factors impact the overall cost, for eg Platforms, complexity, and the mobile app development company in Dubai you are planning to align with.

The DIB app is armed with more than 60 services and delivers impeccable banking experience to its elite clients. Counting from finance transfer to making bill payments, cash withdrawals without any debit card that too without the hassle of locating nearby ATMs or branch, the app solely enhances the mobile banking experience for its users.

Moreover, according to App Annie’s listing, the DIB app ranks among at the top 5th in the top 10 online banking apps in the region of UAE. As you know, mobile apps come with myriad functionalities, sizes, and platforms that affect the entire cost of creating an online banking app.

So, if you whim about having an app like DIB and want to know the imperatives that define the cost, have a look at the below clutched points:

  • Platform
  • Functionality
  • Mobile app design
  • Business model
  • The mobile app development team

The most important step that you need to take while creating an app is to carefully consider your business model. You need to evaluate your business plan and banking decisions mounted with what you want your clients to accomplish with your app. Scrutinize your target audience who will be your app user and the type of platform and devices your customers are using.

Make sure to determine the uniqueness of your app and how it will provide a unique experience to the users. Also, pay attention to how will you monetize the app and possibly how will you reap profit from it. Each factor contributes greatly to the amount you need to put in the mobile app development process.

As you have made your mind what you want to achieve from your app, who is your target audience, and how will it be monetized, now the time comes to select the right platform for the development process. You have numerous choices like — Android, Windows, iOS, Phone, Web and across all of them. The platform you choose will decide the cost of your DIB mobile app development project. Also, if you don’t have any money constraints, you can develop multiple versions of your app.

As Android takes the lion share in the mobile market and mobile web traffic, it is a rewarding choice to go for a platform to reach a wider and engaged audience. However, a comprehensive analysis of your audience aids you to make a better choice for which platforms suits the user needs.

Once you have selected a platform for your mobile app development project, pin down the type of app you are thinking about and the specifications that you want to add in your app. These factors added help in determining the cost of your mobile app precisely and accurately.

Whether, it’s dynamic, game database, or table/list based — define the type of app that perfectly suits your clients requisites. But, simultaneously keep in mind the functional requirements of every addition that adds worth the value cost to your app.

And, if you are planning to develop an online banking app like DIB for your bank, have a look at the below features in your app to make it more competitive:

  • Secured sign-in
  • Hassle free funds transfer
  • Easy to go bill payments
  • Balance notifications
  • ATM locator
  • 24*7 customer support — Chatbots
  • Saving goals
  • Pop-up notifications & alerts
  • Scheduled payments — Bill, fees, etc…

A healthy tip: Adding on these features requires lots of energy and effort that will probably leave an ever-lasting impact on the cost of mobile app development.

The mobile design is the first and the last impression of your app. You need to focus on an easy and alluring user interface and interface. As a catchy design easily grab the eyes of the audience and make them use your app, again and again, it works to be a great idea to come up with a visually attractive mobile apps that include alluring yet accessible icons, tabs, and other design features that offer galactic UX and persuade them to engage with it.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a great mobile app design that offers an unparalleled user experience you should be ready to invest money. Many companies and freelancers charge as per hour, so the cost is directly proportioned to the time put in. Instead, align with the best Android/ iOS app development company in Dubai, to get the enticing design without breaking your budget.

You must be thinking what more it takes to evaluate the cost of an app?

Well, the cost of developing a clone app like the DIB banking app, all you need is the best app developers in Dubai and the right mobile app development company in Dubai. Aligning with the best in the industry is a reliable option as they offer the best options to meet your specific needs in the app development process, ensuring timely delivery, impeccable quality assurance, and consistency.

But, to get the best result, make sure you provide a clean and clear roadmap of what you want your app like DIB mobile banking app to do, and what it should be made of.

Unlike the sides of a coin, there is a downside to the technology innovation that make it challenging for banks. As you know, mobile banking services are not available on every mobile phone, and the bank’s need of the hour is — “A Reliable Mobile Banking App”.

So, if you are in the lookout for the best app development company in Dubai, to help you make an entrusted, reliable, and affordable banking app, look no further than Xicom.

You must be thinking what’s new in the app? Or what new you can offer to your customers?

While developing an online banking app, be sure to provide your customers with unforgettable user experience. And, you could start this with iPhone users.

Your app can use Siri to check balance easily and quickly. Simply ask, and Siri will tell the current account details on the screen. Your client can start using this feature right away after the installation and credentials are updated. Once they are done with set up, try saying

“ Hey Siri, what’s the balance in my account”?

This seamless and easy to use features in the app will help your bank craft a niche in the digital dimensions.

No need to worry about speed and safety. Your banking app will provide speedy and secured login’s that are totally unique to you — “Your Fingerprints”.

On Android and iOS you can enable the option to use your fingerprint in the setting menu, and if you have iPhone X you can also log-in with your face!

Seems exciting! Find out how these login options works and how our developers keep your client’s data secured without any chances of breaches.

Opting for a mobile banking app will help the customers to speed up their balance and transactions, whenever and wherever they are.

They can easily review the details of every individual transaction.
Even, the credit card holder can have an insight into their pending transactions to be up-to-date.
Checking balance is made easier with a balance peek feature — a quick glance at your balance on the move.

Managing Your Credit Card

We understand managing money can turn little tedious and again and again visit to the bank a real challenge. But, managing all the financial stuff through a mobile banking app seems a bit little easier.

The banking app will authorize you to manage all your bills, either paying directly by debit card or by paying direct debit, the banking app get you covered.

Paying To Your Near-Ones

Whether it’s splitting the last night bill or paying the bill that just landed on the doormat, with this app you can do it all within seconds.

Transferring Money Between Accounts

Transferring between your registered bank account is as simple as the word “TRANSFERRING”. Select the account, choose the amount, and tap the confirmation. It’s done!

In today’s era, nobody wants the clutter of paper statements. Here come’s the DIB like banking app in the big picture.

In this banking app, all your statements and credentials will be secured at one place, right from your client’s annual statement to tax certificates. You can opt for an eco-friendly option, like notification through email or messages.

When you make an app like DIB online banking app, you create apps for the platforms, probably you create two apps. While every app development company has their own pricing model for developing these applications, there are clouds of doubts surrounding the development cost of a “DIB — banking app”.

Therefore, it turns an uphill task to give the exact figure but to have a valid approximation, have a look at the following points:

  • For the basic variant of the application with just the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) feature and alluring UI/UX design, the cost ranges US$20,000 — US$30,000 for development.
  • For a perfect blend of basic and advanced features, the cost can rise between US$50,000 to US$60,000.
  • For the app to be created teem with all the feature that DIB mobile app has of now, the cost can reach up to US$75,000 to US$85,000.

Moreover, if you want to create an app like DIB from us, we also offer free estimation for your project and must-have features like the DIB app. So, put the pedal to the metal for your app development process, and grab your free consultation.

The Nutshell: Yes! Time and money are a big deal. We, at Xicom, understand the value of time and money and ensure to make it a healthy investment for your business. It is important to define your objectives, platform, technical specifications, features, quality, assurance, timely delivery, and the list goes on.

Regardless of all the odds and the required technology to build an app, developing an app can be expensive and depends on a lot of other factors. So, if you are still sitting on the fence contact Xicom, the pioneer mobile app development firm in Dubai. Our savvy experienced developers provide you with reliable and entrusted solutions to fulfill your app requirements.

Get your free estimation and overcome the digital challenges, feel free to discuss your project 24*7 with our experts at +971.529144795.

Originally published at on July 29, 2019.

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