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Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into your digital self — Phil Nickinson, Editor of Android Central

As technology is advancing at lightning speed, mobile phones have evolved from being a simple means of communication to a highly proficient business tool. To reach the potential audience, businesses today seek an innovative solution to refine their work overflow. And nothing seems to be a better choice than mobile applications that appears to serve as a platform for businesses that want to reach and expand their global revenue. Thus, it won’t be wrong if we say that developing mobile applications today is not only vital for the people out there, but it has somehow become a necessity too.

The necessity of mobile applications is not only limited to businesses only. Customers tend to choose mobile apps over a desktop to carry out their significant portions of transactions, paying up of online bills, tracking daily activities of people around the globe and what not.

There is no doubt to the fact that with the increase in demand for app development, the industry needs an app developer that brings out the best from the resources offered to them.

And thereby, when it comes to the adoption of rapid technology, Dubai is one such country that tends to adopt the practices pretty soon. It might be due to the reason that it has a luxurious pool of mobile app developer all around. Therefore to hire the best among the slot — you need several tips and points. In this article you would learn on some of the ways that would help you to pick up the best ones app developers in Dubai, and not regret it later. Thus, at the end of the article you would have a clear idea on

  • Things you need to remember before you hire an app developer in Dubai
  • Tips on choosing the right app developer/company
  • Things to avoid during the selection process of app developer
  • Where can you find these app developers
  • How much does it cost to hire a developer

So, lets begin!

To hire a mobile app developer expert, you need to first understand what you need from the project and the developer. In other words, the user should be clear on the following points before making their preferable choice.

In-depth knowledge and research on the app requirement

Before you reach out to the mobile app developers, make sure that you are clear about the thing that you need. Ask yourself multiple questions that include — “whether you need a native or a hybrid app”, “what is the estimate of your target audience”, “what is the purpose of constructing this app.”

Knowing and learning about the target audience and planning accordingly

With a great diversity of marketing styles and all the strategies out there, it is essential to know what the audience should be targeted and how it should be targeted. The moment you decide on what app to develop, you should know about the audience that you wish to target, and accordingly, plan the further process.

Having a rough idea about the design of the app

Now that you know what the requirement of your app is, and the audience you would be targeting, the user has a rough idea on the design of their app. Sure that your app developer would provide you with the exact blueprint of the app, but before you start throwing your expectations, and regretting up of every idea they present, you need to have a rough image of the way you want your app should be.

Know about the platform the App should be developed on

The choice of platforms is one of the most critical factors. Depending on the audience and the kind of business that you own, you might want to choose on the platform that you want to work on. It can be android, ios or windows — whatever may be the platform, selection it according to the requirement that you tend to possess.

Making a list of potential App developers in Dubai and researching about them

After the user search on the developers, you need to make a potential list of all the app developers in Dubai that are not only the best but provide with services that meet your requirements. Once you have completed the list, you need to apply the filter to the needs and expectations that you have for your app.

Tips to Remember While Choosing Best Mobile App Developers

1. Glancing and Reading about the Portfolio of the Company

Having a basic idea and a rough estimate of the technical services that the organization is providing would help you to make a wise decision. The user can go through the projects and then have an idea about the capabilities that the company posses. You can do detailed research on the projects that they have worked with; this would help you to determine what kind of projects, and services they were involved in. Further, you need to check whether the organization possess relevant experience in the domain or not.

2. Determining the team and the size of the company

While you open the search bar and type best app developer near me consider searching about the companies size too. Make sure that you select an organization that tends to utilize the same technology stack or different for that matter too across multiple platforms. Having a glimpse about the team, and the expertise they are mastered in would help you with the selection process. It also provides a fair idea on whether the organization has worked on the app development before or not. Take note that the right size team can affect your project and the focus of it. Make sure that you pick up ideal team size, according to your project — it should neither be too large, or too small.

3.Go for the Quality

Whether you are looking for an android developer or you are searching for an Apple Developer, make it a point that compromising with the quality can affect the performance of your project. Thus, make sure that the services that you are going to buy should be useful when it comes to quality. It would be tempting for you to purchase services that are offered at a low price, but this would only mean that you are not considering the after-effects of the decision that you make. Some companies and developers tend to underprice the services and afterwards fails to deliver results. Thus, beware of such scams.

4.Are they Flexible Across Different Platforms?

While you are making your choice, you should consider the fact that the organization or the developer is specialized in different technologies with multiple platforms. Having a little experience in different platforms does not serve the purpose as it should. The team must understand the requirements that you tend to explain them, and then posses in-depth knowledge about different platforms that they are ready to serve.

5.Planning on the Development Phase

As mentioned earlier, the team and the client should be aware of the things they want. Thus, it is essential to go through planning and the designing phase. The organization that makes sure and tends to gather all the required resources from the users, and then audits it for the client, marks to walk the accomplishment path. Note that testing performance early when it comes to the application cycle, and then monitoring it in production is essential in the era of rapid agile development as well as the demanding mobile apps.

6.User Experience Should be Top on the List

The whole purpose of app development and the construction of the same is the fact that users are able to use it and gain things out of it. Hence, the way the user uses the app would be deciding the fact whether it would be a success or a failure. An organization might build you a fantastic app and everything, however, if it fails to deliver the criteria that include in the customer experience list, then that app would be constituted as of no use whatsoever. Thus before hiring a development company, make sure that your opted firm takes this point seriously.

7.Communication Skills

If you think that without communicating your work would be completed and delivered, then I am sorry to burst your bubble — it won’t happen. The more you tend to communicate with the developers, the better they would understand the requirement and the expectations from the project. Communicate them via messages, phone or by live chat, but make sure that you have fluid communication. Project management platforms like Asana, slack and basecamp can be used to communicate with the team as well as the developers.

Things to avoid before choosing an Mobile App Developer Dubai

Never Choose the Organization that does not Offer Documentation.

The organization should offer adequate and proper documentation of the mobile app. This is because any app that is being developed needs a constant upgrade with the features and the functioning. These features would help them to improve their performance. Without the proper documentation, it would be impossible to make the changes that the user would make in future.

Further, there might be chances that the user would not avail the services of the mobile developer, and thus they would seek the help of these documents. Making these mere pages of information essential and handy

Try to Avoid off-shores Developers that have Limited Resources

We always want the best for our application, and that is the reason why we think of choosing the best developers around the world. All thanks to globalization — this has become possible. But before you go for an off-source developer, make sure that he/she has an adequate amount of resources to construct your app. They should have technology that varies across the whole app and pick up the developer that has a certified resource.

Legal contracts and Documentation

There is a lot more to mobile app development than only the core development. One of the most critical factors that should be considered before the user chooses a mobile app developer is taking care of the legal issues. A mobile app tends to face various threats when it is developed. Thus, not receiving the support and maintenance support after the app has been developed can bring you to the problem later on. Therefore, avoid opting the organization that does not consider this as a valid and most important point.

Try to Avoid an organization that does not Offer Post Launch Support.

The development and release of the app is the prime objective that involves the result. But if you are hiring an app development company, then it should post-launch support also. This is because an app needs to be contentiously updated with new features and other characteristics. In some cases user tends to encounter bugs, therefore to eliminate such complexities the user needs to go for an organization that offers post-launch support.

Where can I Find The App Developers in Dubai?

Now, that you are aware of every aspect involved in the selection process of the App developer, your next question might be — where should I search for them? Right?

Well, there is internet and various blog post that shares the list. But if you want an updated data for the same, then you can check out the following platforms to search these developers. Some of the most popular platforms that provide detailed data to the users are:

GDGs — Google developer groups, tech talks, code sprints, etc.
Android conferences, hackathons, meetups.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire App Developer

The data has been researched and portrayed by “think mobiles”where they have categorized the price of the app developers and the cost that they tend to take. Here is a detailed list for the same

Type of application


Hours (iOS)

Hours (Android)

Rates (avg.)

In the Nutshell

Finding the right app developer requires a lot of planning, researching, looking and asking; therefore, you need to be prepared and go with the mindset that this is what is required for the entire process. What you exactly need to do is find a developer that is not only reliable for your project but is efficient in the mode of communication. Why? Because communication is the key. It is essential to understand that picking up the right developer for your project is essential and crucial. It is not always about the cost and money, but choosing the right candidate is what would help you to be unique from the crowd.

I hope this article has provided you with the necessary insights on how to select the app developers in Dubai, if the user has any doubts regarding the same then they can leave their reviews or comments on the comment section below. Our experts and professionals would try to provide you with proper aid and solutions for the same. If you have any reviews on the article, then you can also add on to the comments.

Originally published at on November 11, 2019.

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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