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In this digital era, everyone loves shopping? Many people have a knack for picking up goods. And, when it comes to fast-moving consumer goods or grocery items, they make sure that they have every crucial item in their household and pantry.

Now, with digital transformation and the upsurge for on-demand food delivery mobile applications, grocery apps are occupying the center stage. Here, what is exciting is you do not have to visit a traditional brick-and-mortar store for buying your product or even a supermarket in order to choose the groceries, which can sometimes become too hectic if you have a busy schedule ahead. In fact, even the numbers are predicting a bright future for the grocery delivery mobile apps.

According to CNBC, online sales of grocery items are set to hike at and expected to grab about 20% of the market by the year 2025. One of the other stats, it is suggested that the usage of grocery mobile app would increase by up to 50% by the end of the year 2018.

This is the right time when you require to change your business tactics strategically in order to reach out to more potential customers in less time. With some famous companies including instashop, Walmart, Amazon Fresh to name a few. already making their mark in the Grocery delivery mobile app businesses, you can’t shy away for a long time from following the technological route to this business.

What’s a grocery delivery app and how does it work?

As the name suggests, grocery delivery mobile apps order customers to deliver groceries (or various other fast-moving consumer goods) to their doorstep. Service is not a new thing in itself, but the move to mobile phone devices has made it more pocket-friendly and, therefore, widespread. You no longer need to hire a domestic worker to deliver your grocery items; Anything you need is just a couple of taps away.

In short, the development of a grocery delivery mobile app is similar to the development of any other mobile application that provides on-demand product delivery services. Like Uber and Zomato, for example. In fact, Uber has its own on-demand food order delivery service UberEats. If you want to get into the grocery or food delivery business in the United States, UberEats will be one of your key competitors, along with Postmates and Instashop. But if you create your own mobile app properly with a good team, probably you can take these veterans.

An online delivery service typically comprises two apps- a mobile app for the customers and a separate local delivery mobile app for deliveries. When a customer places an order on their mobile app and pays for it, on the other hand, a delivery worker who is in the vicinity sees that the order in the delivery mobile app accepts the order, and completes it, delivers goods to the customer.

In technical terms, it is quite possible to combine functionality required by delivery workers and customers within the same mobile app, but that will make your app cumbersome. It is hardly an efficient approach.

A pro-tip to keep in mind before starting an app like Instashop

Mainly, there are two on-demand delivery models for a grocery shop mobile app:

  • The delivery service has its own store with products they deliver
  • The delivery service partners with a number of different stores and make deliveries for them

Walmart has their own app, for instance, and the firm has a delivery service as well, though it is not available everywhere.

Other stores, like Costco, partner with other services such as Instashop in order to deliver for them. By partnering with a grocery store, you will gain access to its price data and inventory and can add store products to your mobile app. There are a plethora of ways to implement this technique.

Of course, you can skip the whole partnership thing and specify the goods without demanding which shop they come from. Instashop started its business this way. However, it’s infinitely more difficult; You have to provide your product photos in order to get started. In addition to this, some customers prefer specialty stores and would prefer to have their goods delivered from there to elsewhere.

Features to be included in your MVP

Since grocery delivery apps aren’t particularly innovative in general, spending a fortune to launch a complete version without proper research and preparation would be a waste. Before diving into development, you and your grocery app development company should evaluate your idea and find a unique value proposition. Next comes an MVP, or minimum viable product.

Customer app

Delivery app

Admin panel

Naturally, for the customer & delivery app to properly function, they will need to communicate on a real-time basis, so that delivery does not take too long. The selling point of any shopping app of grocery products is that the service will deliver orders on time. In order to ensure app-to-app communication, you will also need the WebSocket API on your backend.

You will also need a plethora of ways in order to provide inventory with current prices from the stores from which you distribute.

Some extra features that you may include when you create a grocery shopping mobile app. There are many reputed app development companies in Dubai that prefer the concept of a minimum lovable product (MLP) to app development services.

Developing MLP means that, in addition to bare requirements, your mobile app will also have a signature feature that makes it stand out from the crowd of similar on-demand grocery delivery apps. Here are some good suggestions of what these features might be:

Allow your clients to sign up with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or automatically sign up with your email without having to go through a lengthy registration process. This will make signup even easier and faster for your clients, making them more willing to interact with your mobile app.

You can add an option. With an option field, if an item is unavailable, clients can determine a possible option. This will also enhance the user experience as there will be fewer cases of partially completed commands.

Create a chatbot. There are a plethora of ways to implement a chatbot. A chatbot can show your clients (and distribution workers) valuable data about shops and products or provide popular recipes with selected items.

Voice recognition will be pretty acknowledged by your busy customers, allowing them to place non-stop orders and type in a product’s name or browse store inventory.

Phone or chat support is another great idea for your customers, be it small technical support for mobile app operations or the possibility of contacting any delivery person in order to make last-minute changes to your order.

Allow your clients to leave reviews and ratings for each distribution. Using this way, you can monitor the performance of your distribution staff and your mobile app. You can add a similar feature to the distribution mobile app to filter clients who cause problems. This is one way to become aware of how your company is doing.

Any extra features will naturally affect the cost of your grocery mobile app development, but they can also become a unique advantage that will help visualize your service.

How do on-demand grocery product delivery services make money?

When you think about how a grocery mobile app is made, you inevitably stumble upon the various issues of how to make a profit. Developing an app is not cheap by any stretch, and you will also have to pay those who deliver. Besides, you started a business to make money, right?

There are several monetization options available to owners of on-demand delivery services.

You can also add a fee to the price of each item for each of your services. That is, you can set the price of each of the item a little more than its actual price in the store. You should keep in mind that if you do this then you must inform explicitly your users of the elevated prices if you wish to appear transparent and honest. Create a notification that places an order for the clients for the first time or starts catalog browsing. In addition, include a reminder in your policy.

Free delivery. This is one of the most common monetization models. Your customers are charged for the products as per the actual prices in the store and then paid for delivery. As per the size of the order and the distance of the store from the customer, a delivery person may need a car, bike or may be able to take public transportation. Here, you can set the base rate and include functionality in order to calculate the actual rate.

Advertisement. This monetization model is seen everywhere. Many apps include advertisements, which can cover expenses and allow companies to charge less for services (or not) for the enjoyment of their customers.

Charge platforms are to be listed on their platforms. If your app is already popular, you can charge a monthly fee to partner with the shops and display their products on their platform. In return, stores will gain brand recognition and more customers.

You can also use a single monetization model or combine several others.

What is the cost to build an app like instashop

Now that we have gone over various features of a grocery delivery app and you know how to create a grocery delivery app, let us try to estimate the cost of mobile app development. The exact price will depend on many factors, from the complexity of the mobile app to the mobile app developers of your choice, but we can give a rough figure for basic features.

If you are working with an outsourcing app development company and plan to go for both iOS and Android platforms, this is the team you want to focus on:

Here you can skip on the project manager if you choose to work with freelance mobile app developers. Although, we believe that a project manager is an important link that holds everything together, and the input of a project manager into your app’s development can be the best thing that has ever happened to your project.

With two separate mobile apps to build, each with its own feature set and design, how long it will take to build a grocery mobile app also depends on the number of people on your team. If you decide to work with a mobile app development company in Dubai, we calculate it will take at least 1,800 hours of work.

Originally published at on October 9, 2019.

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Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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