Decode The Development Of A Luxury Concierge App

Possibly not everyone is aware of it, but the concierge apps are defining a new experience of the hotel stay — more pleasant and luxurious.

But before we dive deep in decoding the development of a luxurious concierge app, it is essential to understand the definition of concierge services.

The concierge is a professional who, within the hotel, performs several tasks — welcoming and relating with the guest, oversee their safety and their belonging within the structure, ensure the order and cleanliness, endorse the tourist offer to the place, take care of all the needs of customers by gratifying their requests.

Presently, the concierge services market is emerging and flourishing. A report from Grand View Research suggests that the global market for concierge services was worth $ 537.6 million in 2018 and will achieve $773.3million by 2025.

This rising demand for concierges services has opened the door for crafting a nook in the digital arena by partnering with the right app development company. Precisely talking about the demand for concierge services mainly comes from large corporations, high-level managers, VIPs, tourists and celebrities. In addition, factors such as busy lifestyle, expectations, expectations for privacy concern, giving rise to impeccable customer service driving this demand.

There are numerous types of concierge apps available in the market. So, let’s shed some light on the different types of concierge apps. They are as follows:

  • Alfred (In-Home domestic services)
  • Medallionclass and Journy (Improving cruise and travel experience)
  • Sentient Jet (Choice to book a private jet)

Herein, this article will discuss the concierge apps for a luxury experience, as such concierge app development requires you to include the subtleties of their implementations.

Firstly, let’s dig out what businesses opt for crafting concierge apps for VIP customers.

Who Are Concierge Services App Provider?

The Specialized businesses offering premium services are curious to satisfy demanding clients. These specific businesses often provide perks, brace, and an array of services related to their main services.

Take a look at examples of such concierge services and unfurl how leading mobile app development companies in Dubai are reinventing the customer experience with apps.

Whether it’s a quick jaunt over the blue crystals of the Caribbean or a long-range international flights to Europe, “Private Aviation Services” bring your dreams to a lap of luxury.

Thus, ‘Sentinet Jet’ US-based company specializes in private aviation services. A customer buys the 25 hours jet card authorizing flexible access to light aircraft’s or the more luxurious 25 hours plus jet card with added access to wi-fi and jets with larger cabins.

The sentient jet native app for iOS and Android offers access to all sentinets jet services like onboard catering, ground transportation, accommodation, and real-time chat support.

“If selling luxury has a place, it would go to the biggest bidder”.

Concierge auction is the biggest name in the global marketplace for purchasing and selling luxury properties. These are one of its own kind of app which enables clients to explore real estates, luxurious villas, place bids and watch auction in real-time.

So, if you are looking for options to develop an app like this, nothing fits better than app developer in Dubai who are experts in the same field.

This is another feather added in the hat of concierge app. These apps specialise in luxury helicopter tour around the spell-bounding destinations to give an unparalleled experience to the clients.

Moreover, the time you build your VIP helicopter service you can add a USB of taxi ordering services. Thankfully, to Uber integration.

It might be another common thing for car rentals, but its sheer love for the one seeking luxury.

For example, Bentley Motors offers the free Bentley Network app.

It’s an exclusive car rental app. Bentley Network provides a service called Bentley on demand and is also a kind of social network, allowing users to connect with other Bentley owner to create business connections.
Most reputable all-round luxury concierge services don’t come with an app. All of the recommendations and assistances came from well-versed assistants with the help of personal contacts. However, it’s another uphill to satisfy VIP clients with a touch of comfort and unmountable luxurious elements.

But, there is a market player that has crafted alcove in the global marketplace with state-of-the-art luxury services through a mobile app and becomes popular among users. This concierge service is popularly known as “Velocity Black”.

Overview Of — “BLACK VELOCITY”

The dynamically growing UK-based techno hub Velocity Black is a trusted members club app. To access Velocity Black services, you should download the app and join the waiting list of potential members. The annual costing of membership ranges from $2,800.

But, even if you can afford the price, it doesn’t matter you will be able to access the app. Foremost you need to hire the professional iPhone app development in Dubai or Android proficients to approve and get invited to become a member. By becoming a member, you get access to exclusive events and entertainment — such as a trip into low-earth orbit, which will cost you around $55 million.

This app targets millennials whose preferred form of communication is instant messaging on smartphones. The app proffers the capability to chat with a team of dedicated experts, and users are guaranteed with a personalized yet minimal response time 24 7 365.

So, it’s undeniable to say the more you use the app, the better it knows you, providing increasingly personalized recommendations and services. This one-of-its-own experience is possible with the three components:

  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies
  • Human Experts
  • Fast Collection of Quality Data

Let’s look at each of the following components and explore the undefined dimensions you can add to make your app.

So, Let’s Discover It’s Best Practices And Unfurl The Deep Secrets For Its Unscalable Success.

As a fore-runner AI-assisted e-concierge, Velocity Black is presently collecting a development team in its new technology centre in Vilnius to create AI-baed technologies to improve the user experience. Building such a dynamic Artificial Intelligence digital concierge systems is very luxurious.
But just as many concierge services are no longer defined for the luxury for the rich, certain AI technologies are also booming widely available and more affordable. The following are two-open sources and customizable voice assistants that will let your app to make reservations, surf the internet, search for locations, and more.

Kalliope. This voice assistant is customized to home automation. It specifically runs on Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android devices. Kalliope lends a hand to developers with easy-to-understand documentation and an API.

Stephanie. This platform is specially curated to work as a virtual assistant for voice-controlled apps. Stephanie was released under the MIT license and comes with clear documentation for end-users and developers on the comprehensive guideline consisting installation, configuration, and utilization. iPhone app development developers can easily extend Stephanie by building their own module.

In addition, there is also a new generation of AI-powered chatbots. By using AI and ML with natural language processing, chatbots such as Watson Assistants and Rulai can interpret the intent hidden behind the requests, access conversations histories, and respond to requests in a human way. But, even the best AI services today, both proprietary and open-source, can’t compete with the acclaimed and dedicated concierge teams.

That’s why Velocity Black, with its top-notch technology, still works with human assistance.

If you are planning to develop an app with human-supported apps with concierges that can help with a number of tasks, from recommending a restaurant and booking a table to waking them up in the morning.

While talking about the Velocity Black, it has a network of well-connected human assistants and connected them with travel departments with location-specific knowledge. This department solely helps assistants to respond to difficult requests and hook up with the clients for their hotel upgrades and executives rates for business flights.

There are also examples of more accessible concierge apps that have successfully integrated with the human component. For example, the Renaissance hotel is a chain of the hotel concierge that has been fused with emerging technology and personal service with its global navigator hospitality program, mobile program, online around a saved database that provides guests with recommendations about local shoppings, drinks, cuisines and entertainment.

Each and every Renaissance location also hire their own “Navigators” — locals who have deep roots attached to the community and can introduce hotel guests to the localities to enjoy the most exciting experience a city has to offer.

Actually, it all relies on a devoted team of Android app development or iPhone developers who make your concierge app a synonym for a lap of luxury and comfort. The app provides with all the necessary requirements with a touch of comforts like laundry and dry cleaning, do grocery shopping, and even sort through your mail and notify of an upcoming event.

Therefore, it’s rightly said both AI and human experts need to use data to quickly consult customers.

Clutching the Data Together

Data powered concierge apps need currently databases with information about hotels or flights and taxi service for pick and drop. These databases are usually accessible through API’s that can be included in your app. So, to help you streamline a shortlist of trusted databases and API’s that are often used for travel and hospitality apps and websites.

For instance, CHD Expert Hospitality Foodservice Data. The database is updated monthly and is divided into different segments: hotels and dwelling, catering, recreation and leisure activities. It’s widely used by sales professional in the hospitality industry and is an unskippable asset for anyone developing an app for regular travellers. APIs proffer a number of services, consisting of up-to-date information about flight schedules, available connections, and airlines provider ratings. They can even find the most effective and efficient routes and also send push notifications about the present flight statuses.

These API’s alone are not able to give everything you need for your concierge app, but they can be your primary source of relevant data. The final call is talking about the segment of the most promising audience to target to give your concierge businesses a stable stream of revenue.

In The End… Hopefully, calmly and briefly, we hope all your questions regarding the concierge app development is answered here.

If you want to develop your own app, first of all, you should select the technology from which to begin: iOS, Android, Google Maps API, MySQL, database, java and many other added to the list.

Usually, the cost for developing a luxurious concierge app is towards the higher end, Xicom Technologies prove to be an experienced option that comes in your pocket.

Based on these studies of how an app is developed, the average investment ranges between from a minimum of $10,000 to $30,000 and the development takes over 6 months. But, aligning with the right Android app development company it ranges for $25–49/hr to deliver a spell-bounding experience of your app to the clients.

This is a rough Free Project Estimation that gives you an idea about the cost of updates over time with the latest technology trends.

Cost and timeline are directed by the type of features integrated, the platform selected, the experience of the developers and many various factors.

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