Debunk The Reasons To Choose Magento 2 For Ecommerce Development

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Time to give “Hear Hear”.

You have finally made the decision to start your own e-commerce store.

  • Now you must be thinking about which platform or technology to choose from?
  • Which web development company to partner with?

Simply, because there are numerous options available in the market. To help you drive to the right destination, experts have joined hands to make it easy for you. Also, it’s considerable if you are already into the E-commerce business and wants a better option to migrate.

So, hold your breath as we are going to reveal the name of the most trusted and popular E-commerce platform for your E-commerce development.

But before you jump to the core, let’s have a look at one of the most popular and reserving the lions share of the website. It’s none other than MAGENTO platform. With the release of Magento 2, an all-new version with a drift facelift, its popularity and usability have increased even more.

So, let’s unfurl why you should drop a pin on Magento 2 for your e-commerce development in 2020 and ahead.

Magento is an eCommerce platform that is used to create an eCommerce website. With the reputation of the internet and the potential to get to customer across the globe, eCommerce websites have become popular. Also, if you can transport products to different parts of the earth and if you have services useful for people across the horizons, you will outgrow from an online store.

Magento platform helps to build Ecommerce websites that are complicated to make.

While Magento is open-source, it’s effortless to build a trusted and inventive eCommerce website with the help of Magento platform. Any webmaster can create an eCommerce website without having to gush a fortune with this Magento software.

Usually, E-commerce sites are equipped with bunches of information, making it difficult for the administration to drive through. Magento development makes it simple for administrators to reach any page anytime. Users too can navigate through the online store at ease and go for shopping from anywhere and anytime.

Benefits Of Magento

From Merchant’s Viewpoint

1. Easy Access To Use

Dwelling from a merchant side will always make you think in a direction to minimize human efforts. Magento 2 has easy access to use the admin panel through which you can easily manage your complete eCommerce store configuration all by yourself in simple and easy steps.

So, you don’t need to seek help from the self-acclaimed web development companies in Dubai for performing some minor modifications. It also proffers a user guide on how the change will mirror your store. It also allows you to have different roles and access to specific users of your business. Therefore, confidential data from your admin panel can be hidden from other employees.

2. Mobile Responsive

The Magento 2 version is considered as responsive i.e. you are no more in the urge to spend extra money on making the design of your e-commerce store. With your website developed in Magento 2, you can accomplish both E-commerce and M-commerce markets.

3. Client Friendly

Yet, there is another crucial aspect to pay attention to while building an E-commerce site is to make it user friendly. Because many of the time, visitors find it difficult to navigate through your website or perform the checkout process, you are more probable to lose on the business.

As Magento 2 has its own default themes, but you can integrate external third party themes or get an all-new theme developed as per your imagination. The structure will be like your clients are easily able to find the product, add it to the cart and perform the checkout without much hassle.

4. Search Engine Optimization

As you distribute flyers to do publicity for your offline business; the same way you need a reliable and trusted SEO for your E-commerce store to make it omnipresent to the user over the internet.

Thus, Magento 2 SEO comes for the rescue with features like adding the title, descriptions and keywords for the products and categories and many more added to the list of your store for popular search engines.

Also, there are many other customer-oriented features like the wishlist, order history, account information, and the list goes on. In addition, Magento 2 provides integration with popular payment gateways and therefore, your clients feel secure and safe to purchase from your website.

5. A Bigger Outreach

Magento 2 supports multiple languages and currencies so that you can do business all across the globe. There are a lot of shipping options available; hence there isn’t any trouble in this aspect too.

6. Hassle-Free Multiple Website Running

You heard that right. You can host and manage multiple websites using the same backend. It is considered very beneficial if you want to have different online stores for different countries or for any other purpose. Each of the stores will have a unique domain name, data, and configuration.

However, it’s easily manageable for the main configuration of all the stores using the default configuration.

From Developer’s ViewPoint

1. Open-Source

Magento 2 is entirely open source, and therefore, developers from trusted Magento development company will not be in the urge of purchasing any software except for enterprise edition. The professionals can add Magento 2 extensions; templates themes build by other Magento community members with ease.

2. Integrate Other Technologies

Magento 2 proffers flexibility to integrate other technologies for blogs, payments, shipping etc. Also, there are chances to incorporate third-party tools, web and cloud services without much hesitation.

3. Highly Accordant

Magento 2 is easily compatible with the latest update of PHP, Zend framework, and databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc. Therefore, it won’t create any major hurdles while building the website using Magento 2.

4. Component-Based structure

Far away from the earlier versions of Magento which had the component-oriented structure where the developers were not enabling or disabling components as per the requirements.

The components based structure of Magento 2 offers this flexibility to the developers.

5. Immensely Secured

Magento 2 is immensely safe compared to other platforms or frameworks and therefore makes the imperative to hire Magento developer. It has been developed by covering the flaws of the previous versions. It also launches security patches as and when any error in security is encountered.

From User’s Viewpoint

Well, the matter of fact is users are lease bothered in which platform it is developed or technology used behind the development of the E-commerce store they are purchasing from. But for a fair and square estimation, it’s time to understand the subtle difference to customers when your store is created in Magento 2.

1. Easy To Search

The experienced web development companies in Dubai consider Magento 2 as a reliable and innovative choice for developing an E-commerce store. Magento 2 offers easy-to-search functionality for the customer to search for the desired products.

The catalogue listing is also user-friendly with proper sorting and pagination. Moreover, there are more powerful search extensions available to be installed in the store.

2. Personalized Display

There are user groups to be formed at the back end to display content accordingly. Besides, you can show them the products and other arrays of services as per their behaviour. This will catch more attention of clients towards your store.

3. Hassle-Free checkout

This is the most crucial step in an E-commerce website. Just because if the checkout process of your online store is complex, a customer will leave it in between and you will have the increasing number of abandoned carts.

So, to prevent this, the checkout process on your store should be as smooth and straightforward as possible. Magento 2 accomplish these requirements of comfortable and safe checkout for your e-commerce store.

In A Nutshell…

Magento 2 is the perfect choice for eCommerce platform when it comes to developing responsive websites or mobile apps. And, to rewrite the code to exemplify your business, all you need is to partner with the right web development company. Xicom is one-stop-solution with a rock-solid series of mobile-friendly capabilities, guidelines, and scaling options.
So, you definitely do not wear a cold shoulder to such beneficial and efficient features of Magento 2 which is ready to boost up your eCommerce business like never before. Look for a proficient choice to hire a website developer with a brink of Free Project Estimation to turn your today’s thoughts into tomorrow realities.

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