Announced! The 50+ Most Promising App Ideas In 2021

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come up with unique mobile app ideas.

One idea is enough!

Presently, there are some wacky businesses out there — and agree or not; most of them are profitable. While, some of the unique business ideas make your head go shudder in disbelief, whereas others make you mutter, “Hey! Why didn’t I think of it”?

The online business ideas or trending app ideas here vary from dealing with head lice to doing innovative things with roadkill, but one thing they share in common is — they all are real businesses that make money. Even some of them can do well in an economic catastrophe.

So, whether you agree or not, creating a mobile app is an impression of ourself, and a reflection of what we see is missing outside. Although, creating an app idea for the first time can be a rollercoaster for some with uncertainty spawning a fear inside the creator.

Don’t worry! We will be sharing 50+ inspirational mobile app ideas of the future with you that you can choose and start with the development right away in 2020.

Let’s get started!

Mood Monitoring App

The most trending and innovative Android and iOS app idea that let your day and mood be full of life is Mood monitoring app.

Make sure your partner developers enable your app with exclusive features like evaluating activities, locations, events that took place during the entire day. The idea is that the app will analyze your recent activities and will look for patterns. Grounded on that, it will provide users with suggestions to lift their mood.

Brand Identifier App

The brand identifier app allows users to learn more about a specific brand or product. , by scanning the logo or tag of the item, the mobile app will list all the articles, information, and news about the manufacturer or the brand related to the product.

Surprisingly, for the apparel section, the app can also tell whether the clothing item is authentic or not.

Identify The Celebrity App

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation where while enjoying a movie, you just forgot about the actor’s name?

The same identification method is also put to use for this once popularly known app Shazam.

You can simply take a picture of the celebrity you are curious to gather information about. Once the image runs through the app, it offers you with the most useful information found on the internet.

Find Me Parking Slot App

Presently, everyone owns a vehicle and simultaneously fears the parking concern.

What is the solution to this alarming concern?

An app like this solely based for finding a parking slot nearby to your location curating its nook among the most trending app ideas. User can pre-book the parking slot and park without any hassle, especially for the ones who commute daily.

Karaoke App

Stuck at home or want to add some spice and fun in your party, nothing fits the best than a Karaoke App.

As everyone loves music, building an app on the idea of karaoke is a big hit. But, make sure your app has a colossal songbook covering almost from every genre.

Supermarket Checkout App

Supermarket checkout app is new in that it automatically scans the products on your mobile app while shopping. Also, with this app, there is no more waiting in the queues; the mobile app makes the transaction through integrated e-payment.

Barter Exchange App

In the early years of human civilization, there was no concept of money; indeed, they exchanged goods with goods. This system was popularly known as the Barter System.

After many years, the system made a comeback. People prefer barter over the conventional currency system.

So, what about offering a digital platform where anyone can barter their belongings with other people. Better, a mobile app that allows one to list all their items for exchange for other suitable entities. The best part is no money is involved in the process.

This app will, for sure help you outgrow your targeted audience along with earning extra money with advertising.

Human-Library App

Not everything is found on Google.

Experience, life stories, teachings are the most significant lessons which are easily understood when one shares their experience. Based on this concept, the idea of a human library app comes to its fancy stage. Developing an app like human-library offers users to book their slot with other people and share their stories and life experience.

Virtual Study Group App

At some point when you are studying, it’s essential to run into some group work. Yes, this means being able to offer a helping hand to others for work and study. And, on the contrary, it turns daunting to communicate with others, but with the right mobile app for a virtual study group, it is fun and easy.

Making Best From Waste App

To recycle waste is the need of the hour. And, adhering to this objective marks the rise of making best from waste app ideas to big success. You can have numerous ideas to create unique yet exciting things from which you have once considered a waste.

Staying Hydrated App

Water Intake Reminder!

Staying hydrated is a must for good health and what can be the best fit than an app reminding you to have a glass of water. This is one of the promising app ideas for 2021 with more people getting health freak.

Referral Apps

The idea behind making a referral app is to make sure that people can easily refer to people who are interested in using your app. But, to make your app, a standout ensures to integrate it with easy to navigate feature.

Travel Buddy App

Travelling is everyone’s wish list. But nobody prefers to travel alone. It’s always better to have an accompanist with whom you can enjoy every tit and bit of your journey. And, to make the process of finding the right travel partner easy, travel buddy app concept is an ideal fit.

Cycle Touring and Backpacking App

I firmly believe that the first adventure trip should be away from electronic devices. Adhering to this idea you can create a cycling and backpacking app that acts as a boon for cyclist right now.

Public Transportation App

Having one app for all your urban mobility and commuting services is needed for everyone. So, offering an app with public transportation updates and real-time tracking seems to be a godsend for everyone travelling through public convenience.

IoT Security App

Developing an IoT security app used to come with numerous challenges earlier. But, with the right mobile app development, the challenges are addressed effectively and efficiently and offer an unparalleled level of security.

On-demand Fuel Delivery App

On-demand fuel delivery app is witnessing the dawn in the digital era. Thus, offering fuel at the parked location of your vehicle is an exciting concept and is going to be the buzz word among the most trending app idea.

Blockchain Rooted Apps

Nowadays, Blockchain-based apps are exploding in popularity, especially when Blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies are dominating the financial space with all sorts of transactions and payments.

Undeniably, this is the most promising app idea in the financial sector with heaps of benefits and profit.

Shop In Budget App

Shopping is everyone’s love. Simultaneously, shopping in one’s budget is the biggest challenge for a shopaholic. So, to help you shop the right way without breaking the budget can be done with an app based on the idea of a shop in the budget.

Kiddies Carryforward App

When your kid’s favourite thing turns boring for them, instead of throwing it, carryforward it to the one in need. Developing such type of app helps the giver and the one in need to meet at the same platform without any hassle.

News On The Go App

Staying updated with the outside world is a must in the present scenario. And, to help you match the pace with the instantly changing world, an app like News on the go makes the ideal fit. Whether you are travelling, occupied in the middle of the meeting or busy doing something, a news app keeps you updated.

Photo Editing App

Adding different flavours and colours of life in your pic is the latest trend. And, to make this task more fun and enjoying, a photo editing app is the right choice. This app offers numerous features, colours, effects and emojis in the pic.

Ebook Reader App

Reading never wanes. With the advancement in technology, books are available at devices and to add; there are mobile apps solely dedicated to task. Popular books, authors and many other reading pieces are available at the app.

Split Bill App

This is a handy app when you are dividing the amount among your group or friends. With this app, there is no more hassle of arranging the penny amount and gushing your time in dividing into equal portions.

Therefore, developing a split bill app offers your users save plentiful of time and efforts.

Smart Home App

Making your home smarter is in everyone’s list. And, to make your home smarter, all you need is an app embellished with the latest technologies like IoT that jell with all other devices.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most awaited mobile app ideas for 2021.

To do List App

Jotting essential things and staying reminded of it is imperative in this busy schedule. And, to help professionals cope up with this issue, developing an app like To-Do List Reminder app offers them with the solution they need.

Book My Show Like App

With an app like BookMyShow, you can offer users the utmost convenience to book tickets for their play, concerts, movies from their comfort zone.

So, making an app BookMyShow is the right decision made.

Cost Comparison App

Saving your time from the hassle of comparing cost at different websites is a boon in today’s time.

So, what about making this work easy?

Among the trending app ideas for 2021, building a cost comparison app is the need of the hour along with earning the trust of your audience.

Business Card App

Nobody wants to have typical business card data into contacts, so, it never gets entered usually. However, with the trending business cards app, your mobile does all the heavy weight lifting for you.

On-demand Grocery Delivery App

On-demand grocery delivery app offers an unparalleled level of convenience for everyone. And, amid this COVID outbreak, on-demand delivery services are everyone’s favourite same like food app ideas are for the early entrants.

Feed In The Need App (food wastage app)

Whether it is some leftover in the fridge or some ingredients, you and your family doesn’t like. Still, you can make some finger-licking dishes from it.

All thanks to an app like Feed In The Need App concept, which provides tasty dishes recipe that can be made from the specific ingredients available.

Tenant/Landlord App

With the inception of the Tenant/Landlord app, there is no more reminders and hassle for the tenant and landlord to make the payment at a time.

So, if you are a newbie and looking for an idea to curate your place, this app idea is the ideal fit.

Digi Locker App

Digi locker app is a digital platform where user can keep their important documents safe and secure with 24*7 accessibility from anywhere and anytime-this idea paths to an excellent app offerings security and accessibility at the same time.

Criminality Index App

Security is imperative. Therefore, creating an app solution for checking the criminality index of the specific region is a must-have in the present situation.

The idea of developing a criminality index app in which the user can find that area is safe or unsafe to help them decide accordingly.

Let’s Make A Difference App

Charity begins at home.

I have a mobile app idea for 2021 in which the donor can update the photos of things they want to donate with direct contact to the needy at the right time, all under the sheath of a trusted NGO.

Personalized Gifting App

If you are a novice and looking to cement footprints in the marketplace, a bespoke gifting app is one of the promising ideas. Providing all the information and personalizing the gifts according to one’s choice is the best one can wish on their special day.

Moreover, you can directly purchase and order the gifts at your place.

Fraud Detection App

With the rising number of frauds and scam, people are losing their trust in technologies. So, to help people bringing out a fraud detection app is the right move. This app alerts when you get any call from a fraud agency, making it a lot easier to detect the fraudulent activity in real-time.

Hide My Details App

In the digital era, the most important thing is privacy and security because people have some personal and confidential data that they don’t want to share with others.

Therefore, an app helping in hiding the extra information and showing the credentials that are required act as a boon.

Where To Spend Vacation In This Season App

Saving your time and efforts along with money is in everyone’s to-do list, especially when you are planning your holidays.

For this, an app can be launched which offers you with the best places according to the season and simultaneously keep in mind your budget. So, before making a plan, you can quickly check out for things through the app.

Pregnancy To Birth App

Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey of womanhood. But, it comes along with some doubts and physical changes.

So, to stay updated with the real-time health concerns and to take special care of your yet to be born, a health app for pregnancy to birth fits accurately to the needs. Mother gets correct information about what to expect in the present situation and upcoming weeks and be ready for the changes.

Audiobooks App

Experts say reading 1 book a week is a way to wisdom. But, in the hustle-bustle of a job, this is difficult to accomplish. Still, there is a useful and practical solution to create an audiobook app which consists of the audio version of the book.

If you are eager to execute this mobile app idea, the expert’s team are ready to help you assist the right way.

E-Scooter App

After cab carpooling app success, many firms launch e-scooter which is suitable for small distance travelling with fun rise experience to the users and that’s the biggest reason E-scooter apps are getting good hype and also a good response from the market.

Did You Know!

An app known as bird launched by ex-Uber employees in September 2017 has 1 million+ downloads from Google play store and app store under their name. They have received funding of 100 million.

This seems exciting, right!

So, if you are planning to release a travel app, integrate the E-scooter app feature in it to stand out from the crowd.

Period Tracking App

Every woman has a period once in a month and the period cycle is one kind of measurement of your good health, to check ovulation and fertility, and for all this, you need to track your periods, and this can be quickly done with a period tracking app.

So, facilitating a mobile app idea for girls and women to track their period’s dates.

Automated Social Media App

Integrating all social accounts into one makes it easy to manage. User can see the post, update the story and perform a lot of other functions from one platform.

Nearby Finder App

If you are in the search for promising app ideas in 2021, then creating an app that helps you locate nearby places, eating joints, grocery store and many other things is like hitting the bull’s eye.

Job Recruitment App

Finding jobs from just scrolling your mobile screen is a boon in the present scenario. So, building an app where firms can post their openings and the desired candidate can apply without any hassle is for sure to taste paramount success.

Quiz App

If your objective is to develop an app that offers fun and simultaneously make learning enjoyable, then nothing fits better than a quiz app. This is one trusted and simple app idea for students among the flooded choices available.

AI Personal Trainer App

Amid of COVID outbreak, the fitness freak found a new way of sweating out. The new method was a fitness app. And, if you are also in the mind of creating a fitness app, make sure to integrate it with the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence to offer a competitive edge to your app.

DIY Apps

DIY — Do-It-Yourself apps are making their way to a whopping number of downloads. These niche apps offer you with new and innovative ways to play and create something of your own.

Thus, this appears to be a fresh and promising mobile app idea.

Virtual Classrooms App

The virtual classrooms app allows students and teachers from anywhere and anytime to conduct a class and create the learning ambience. You just have to share the link and allow the student to join the class without any tedious workout.

Undeniably, this is a worth the value investment idea now and for the coming time.

Mental Health Apps For Employees

The idea of well being of your employees plays an essential role in an organization’s success. So, developing an app that encourages users to record their mood and attribute triggers for those feelings helps in improving the mental health of the employees.

Voice-Oriented Translation App

What about the idea of translating context without typing?

Seems interesting!

Creating an app that translates the context as you speak is a new and unique app idea. So, without any further ado, get in touch with experts and start working on it before others steal it.

GIF Maker App

Peppering a conversation with GIF makes the monotonous conversation fun and also helps you in expressing your feelings. So, developing an app on this principle offers your user with something new and exciting, making your app a big SUCCESS.

Book Review App

In the list of trending app ideas in 2021, Book review app is favourite of every book lover. Before putting your finger on any book, it’s better to go for the review and find if it interests you, you can go for the book.

So, crafting an app for book lovers proves to be a great idea to curate your niche in the hierarchy.

Women Safety App

Today’s unhealthy crime rates often challenge women, healthy psychology. So, it’s undeniable to say women safety app need more features than a conventional safety app.

To make it more secure and safe for women, align with expert developers to leave no room for mistakes.

Final Words

Here we are, at the end of the list of trending mobile app ideas in 2021 that are likely to continue trending in the coming years.

This list is not at all exhaustive; rather, it’s more like a righteous prediction. And, to know better if each idea listed here — or absent — will work, Xicom expert’s perform an in-depth market analysis to assist you the right way.

Nevertheless, this list is your starting point if you want to create an app and are not sure what kind of app it should be. Get your Free Project Discussion and start right away.

Originally published at on September 10, 2020.

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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