Firms across the capital markets industry are now facing pressures on multiple fronts. On one side they’re competing hard against their peers to stay relevant to clients, generate satisfactory returns and balance continuous optimisation initiatives against the demands of business-as-usual. On the other, they’re walking a tightrope through an uncertain…

We didn’t want to create more sounds for you to sort through. We wanted to record the things that are impossible to program.

A “drag and drop” solution to music makers biggest problem: “How can I make this FEEL better?”

Our loops are not “perfectly quantized”. They are all played and recorded by us, to retain that undeniable organic feel.

It’s easy to make something quantized and robotic, but it’s nearly impossible to inject the human feel back in once it’s gone.

We let the loops do the talking. Need a slinky shaker playing 8th notes accenting in half-time at 113 BPM? We have that…and it feels incredible.

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1. Who’s who — understand the key people in all parts of your network

2. Target key people who could advocate for your brand, and vouch for you, based on what they do

3. Target people who can share their real experiences from using your service (or product); get them talking for you

4. Be bold and ask for what you want

5. Get feedback — seek open and honest feedback on what you could do to enhance your brand — just be willing to receive it and incorporate it!

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Originally published at on October 14, 2021.

“I didn’t hear from you, so I assumed you were not interested.”

This was a message I received from a ‘cold emailer’, after they tried to sell me a product numerous times. My thoughts were that instead of assuming I was not interested, assume you were not clear, compelling, engaging…

Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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