- 2021’s Event Management App Development — Cost & Feature Analysis

Although live events are among the earliest forms of marketing, the industry continuously evolves and revolutionizes at a dizzying pace.

Presently, 85% of event planners rely on a mobile app for events, 61% use marketing tools, and around 54% depends on survey tools. One of the biggest reason for this massive drift is utter convenience offered to thte participants, adroitness to gather information and the possibility of creating intuitive experiences that passively collect data.

So, if you want to keep your audience pinned, working on your event as a behavioural change factor that potentially transforms visitors into loyal customers, stay connected. I will help you with the tedious task of finding the best app development company in India and across for your event management app, clarifying:

First and foremost, event apps are technology-oriented solutions by organizers to allow attendees to work more efficiently and stay updated of the latest event. And importantly, it offers an enriching dataset that event organizers can draw insights from.

Also, it helps in communicating essential pieces of information like programming, location and speakers. To add, event apps facilitate networking between promoters and onlookers with more engagement and interactivity.

1. Behaviours That Crafts Customer Experience

Undeniably, hire app developers with a profound skill that can uphold the quality of the participant’s experience. Initially, they cater to points of convergence for emerging and unique technologies, making sure than your event is intuitive. Even if it’s big, a guest will have the feeling that it’s all specially created for them.

Also, one of the approach to accomplish this participation comes along with the integration of beacon technology — it’s easy to install devices that allow the creation of contextual and individual experiences through geotargeting.

For instance, if a user marks a specified area, profiles or lectures of interest in your app while approaching a beacon, he receives information about the specified interests, which may consist of directions for the right locations, or suggestions for nearby contacts.

Besides, the beacon technology Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality also contribute to the WOW factor, materializing creative ideas and keeping users excited.

2. Analytics That Speak For Your Marketing Efforts

Event marketing firms and organizations had historically troubled to prove the worth of their work. So, with an event app that produces instant standard reports or allows you to personalize your own, the task of proving high ROI (Return On Investment) gets its path easier and more apparent.

Therefore, using numerous filters like event data or types of events, these specified reports offer a birds-eye on your event marketing efforts. Especially for the long haul, it’s possible to find what is working out and what needs to be managed on the upcoming experience.

Whereas in exact words, you can manage on real-time how many people have registered for the event, what’s their favourite activity, who is their famous spokesperson and who they are connecting to with the list going on.

3. Manifolded Reach Accelerating Customer Journey

Live streaming is yet another crucial resource to reach targeted people who were unable to attend the event in person, and the gamification element of the app can be a driving force to interactiveness.

This can be quickly done through a scoring and rewarding system — if a participant attends, for instance, a specific number of lectures, or if the user participates in all the events at the events related to a particular theme, and receive extensive gifts or prizes also.

To add, your partner app development company ensures to add algorithms that quickly access and compute automatically through the app, either through geolocation features (proving that the visitor participated in such lectures at the registered time and placen) or QR code, which can be easily made available at the end of each session. As an outcome, this collection and exchange of strategy drives and braces user engagement with the application.

The event of terrene is all ready to accelerate at supersonic speed but, with the right app development company.

But, you must be amazed to know what is accelerating the change is not only the technology but the consumers. So, not to forget, keep in mind at all times that at present ultra-dynamic users are challenging event models and marketing expertise.

These consumers look for personalized contact and technology navigation on the same point of time. Moreover, they also need to experiment intuitively and have no time left for bureaucratic steps, which should be an easy and dynamic step.

After all, an experience/event has to be notably distinctive for the worth it gives rather than just gushing down money. Thus, situations where an event management app is a highly advisable eclipses under the following type of events:

Exhibitions/Trade Shows

Exhibitions and trade show sole purpose is to conduct B2B deals and collect industry professionals with networking opportunities. Along with this, you can sketch and keep an eye on participants’ behaviour between booths and uphold value for your sponsors and exhibitors, while passively collecting data.

Similarly, it’s possible to offer high-valued matchmaking 1:1 meetings and scrums with a massive impact on multiple stakeholders networking results.

Governmental/Corporate Events

State and local governments usually conduct in-person meetings that are a vital asset to their activities. Also, they require a high level of compatibility with the latest GDPR standards and regulations.

So, using an event management app in this specific scenario helps automate multi-event tasks like team supervision, check-in, delegate’s travels, registration, branded mobile app communications and real-time reports. To add, it will enable you to streamline planning, management and promotions throughout the complete event portfolio, with little or almost no technical support.

Invitation or Exclusive Meetings

Whether you agree or not, events are the heart and soul of connected boards, associations and governments. So, if you are planning to organize the conference, board meetings or training sessions with a dynamic yet automate accreditations, hire app developers that are proficient in meeting the prerequisite and aiding communication during the event.

Corporate Travelling

Motivating, capacitating and rewarding teams with incentives that reap high ROI is a lot of time-consuming work. Thus, a corporate travel management app will enhance travel experience with an end-to-end tool that manages everything from travelling to transferring and lodging constraints.

Similarly, managing activities for different groups and keeping guests updated about any delays in the flight, scheduling changes appropriately and arranging airport pick-up and transfer times all can be done from one communication point of view, without any hassle.

Besides, this travel app allows you to know about participants preferences, such as diet and health restrictions, and offer a personalized itinerary.

Product Launches and Live Marketing Experiences

If all you plan up for speeding up engagement, a mobile app for events will facilitate in-person relationships leveraging your sales cycle. In simple words, premium conferences like technology product launches, marketing strategies and sometimes unexpected experiences leave an unforgettable presence in customers’ minds.

As an outcome, using an amalgam of booking forms, mobile apps and badge printing software, you will boost the monetization of any group with sophisticated and forward-thinking experiences.

So, if somehow you are sitting on the fence to choose an ideal technology partner, to harness maximum benefits for your business; here’s a list of top-performing cross-platform app development companies globally.

By now you are familiar with never-ending event management benefits, so now is the time to find the bespoke features that makes the DIFFERENCE!

But, before you step ahead, stop and think!

If you think of porting your event management app to numerous platform, especially iOS and Android, the development time and cost varies according to the features and requirements. For example, the conventional development approach for Android app development takes minimum time of 200 to 3,100 hours.

While many onlooker think the right way of calculating the cost of creating a mobile app is as follow:

App Cost = Development Time * Hourly Rate

But, this usually inclines towards an expensive side for some business, specifically if you are planning to add all the bells and whistles.

So, it’s advisable to estimate the development cost of a similar app to yours that will help you set the right budget.

The usual and straightforward approach to estimate the right development cost of an app is :

Feature*Time*Hourly Rate = Development Cost

Mostly, event planners probably settle with hybrid apps because it’s far more affordable and allows at least 70% of the lines of code to be reused on other platforms once it’s deployed.

So, here’s is 2021’s feature list for your successful App! Socializing Feature

The above statistics clearly show the effectiveness of social media in alluring event attendees, according to marketers.

So, it’s clear that no event app can taste success without being well-connected with social media networks. This is an initial way to maximize user interaction and reach a more significant chunk of your target audience. Remember, users can always go for another tab, option, or app to check their social status. But, most users think to this within their app to cut on time and efforts.

So, without any further ado, align with the best Mobile or iPhone app development company in India and integrate the behemoth advantages social media holds for your app. Although adding social media features to your app may increase your development cost and time, this is worth the investment and users will find it much easier to share information and post their experience with your management app.

Probably, try adding support for multimedia features like images, gif, videos etc. Notably, adding social media features will uphold your traffic as more and more users will download it out of curiosity.

Surveys and feedback are the real metrics to evaluate the success of the event. But, unfortunately, only a handful of event planners pay attention to post-event surveys. Indeed, at least 55% of event professionals believe they don’t measure success in the right way of their events. And, this is where post-event survey and feedback comes to your rescue.

52.6% of event professionals have invested more in the technology spectrum in comparison to the previous years. This portrays 59% of event professionals pen down feedback surveys as the most important way to measure the success of their live events.

Undeniably, this is important for all event planners to know what features worked well, and which were glitches that went wrong. This is where post-event surveys come in the big picture. They let you collect real feedback from users who are happy to voice their concern and complaints if something didn’t go as planned. “”

“Freebies” Yes — “It’s Freebie Time”

Who doesn’t like having discounts that cut down the cost significantly?

Most users amour the instant gratification that comes along with small discounts and the potential freebie. So, instead of sending offers and promo campaigns into their inbox that land most of the time into a junk box, you can easily send notifications directly through the app.

And, soon you will notice that customer retention rates rise exponentially along with their loyalty for your event services.

GPS Integration

Smartphone users are increasingly dependent on GPS connectivity to assist you through busy, bumpy roads and streets as they struggle to find their final destination. So, don’t forget to ask your partner app development company about GPS feature integration in your app to offer users an easy swap out the app with more dedicated tools like Google Maps for Android or for iOS — Apple Maps.

After all, you want to maximize user interactivity, and GPS connectivity within apps can do the wonders. This, for sure increases the development time required to integrate the newly added feature in your event app.

Portray Event’s Ethics

Consider event agendas as the foundation of any event. Event’s plan is the ideal way to help your guest get to the event on time. This is an unskippable feature that your guest will appreciate and depend upon.

As you already know, conferences and seminars are characterized by numerous breaks that are time-consuming. Thus, attendees need to have an insight into the sessions which they can attend and which one they can omit if there are any conflicts with your tight schedule.

Including an event agenda feature will ensure your guests can save sessions time slots they are interested in. also, it offers them an easy way to manage their schedule. The last thing they want is to revisit the session they have missed because of any chance.

So, make sure you have the solution integrated into your app to meet this uprising concern of people running on tight schedules.

API Interface Integrations

Irrespective of being a mobile event app, a seating diagram tool, a registration app or an analyzing tool to measure some specific feature of your event or attendees. If you are going to add some extra tool and feature in the tool — you probably want one thing: A tool or an App that seamlessly integrate with the tools you already have.

Here come the API integration platform in the picture.

API integrations platforms are more crucial and useful for event-based firms if they are all set to sell tickets, merchandise, and collect donations. It’s responsible for point-to-point integrations for data exchange, including payments.

Adding this feature will surely drive up the cost because of the surplus number of additional hours and resources required by the development team putting into API integration. So, before you hire app developers, make sure they dwell with explicit experience in creating an app compatible with payment integration gateways and presently with cryptocurrency.

An event management app is an investment of your efforts, time and money. And you never want to leave any stone unturned to make it a great success.

So, whether you are a newbie in the event management space or a professional willing to optimize time and efforts, a trusted and experienced Mobile & Android app development company India like Appsted awaits with your Free Project Estimation to fuel your business growth in 2021. Else, if you are looking for new and exciting opportunities in going digital, mobile app development is just the right and much-needed move for you.

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