10 Useful Educational Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Undoubtedly, technology has changed the way people live and learn new things in 2020. And education is not left untouched with the influence of digitization. Gone are those days when education was a straightforward model restricted to lectures, group discussions and classrooms.

In fact, with the explosive growth in mobile devices, it has been projected that the e-learning market worldwide will surpass 243 billion US dollars in 2022 from 47 Billion US dollars in 2016.

The significant factors pushing digital learning to the next level are:

  • Easy accessibility with an internet connection
  • A flexible education solutions
  • Enhance learning engagement
  • Low-Cost Education Option
  • Systematic Learning Activated
  • Quality interaction with apps

With each passing day, education models are revamping and introducing a new way of learning and gaining knowledge of various things through mobile educational apps. Now education is not just left limited with the school syllabus, with mobile apps, students can access anything or learn anything at their prefered time. There is no limit of learning when students have access to digital assets like laptops, tabs and mobile educational apps.

Is it worth investing in Educational Mobile apps?

Whether you are already leading an educational institution or thinking of a startup in the field of education, mobile apps have become an urgent need of an hour. WHY?

Firstly, the success of any startup is based on the unique strategy they choose to get entered within the industry. And with 62,000 education-related mobile apps available in the various app stores, it is a nerve-wracking task for startups or leading institutions to establish their footprints in the cut-throat competitive market.

Secondly, 49% of students chose leading online courses in 2015 and 81% of students believe that mobile apps help them improve in their grades. With the launch of a well-designed app, you can capture the potential share of the market and allow students to leverage better learning opportunities.

Now the central question is, what type of educational apps ed-tech startups or enterprises should look for in 2020?

Coming up with an outstanding app idea is not easy for startups. After sorting the best mobile app development companies in Dubai, finalizing the concept of your mobile app is the most crucial task for you.

So if you can’t think of a million-dollar mobile app idea, then you have landed at the right place. We have rounded up some real education mobile app development ideas that can add fuel to business growth in 2020.

Here are the top app ideas for ed-tech startups and entrepreneurs that can help in generating better business opportunities in 2020:

On-Demand Online Tutor App

Every child has been born with different capabilities and intelligence. While for some school or college lectures are enough to get prepared for the exams whereas, on the other side, some students require additional assistance for assignment completion or better exam preparations.

Instead of wasting time in learning with traditional coaching patterns, on-demand online tutors will be a far better option for students. On-demand online tutor app will allow parents and students to find a personal teacher for a specific subject choice. Besides, it will enable them to search and compare from hundreds of teachers through an app without leaving the comfort of their home.

Also, you can offer the feature to select the tutor according to location, experience, and qualification. You can add the privilege to chat with the sorted tutor instantly to make a final decision at the moment.

Student Community App

Student community app is only for students. It can be a unique platform where students from different universities and schools can get connected. Through this app, they can discuss any common concern and get connected with the other students of the same age group.

This app is for those students who can feel comfortable to interact with the same age group people and ask them anything related to their studies. Choosing the best app developer in Dubai, you can quickly develop a student community app with all the necessary features.

Quiz Game Apps

Quiz games are the perfect way to verify the skill level of the students; therefore they always stay in high demand. Moreover, every competitive exam is only based on a quiz pattern, and many schools are also adopting quiz tests to check the knowledge of students. No matter whether it would be Mathematics, English grammar, reasoning, science or other subjects, students are always excited to take up the challenge and test their skills.

When you hire an iPhone App Developer to build a quiz application, make sure you add features to select quiz level according to their age, subject choice and knowledge level.

Multi-Language Learning App

Learning an additional language has become a hot trend for students and teachers these days. Many students plan their higher studies in international universities, whereas many teachers have been specifically appointed to teach a foreign language at schools. So this language learning app will help students and teachers to learn foreign languages.

Language learning app makes the entire learning concept far more straightforward and enjoyable for students as it teaches you through the way of speech directive tutorials that help users to understand the pronunciation of the respective words.

Any App development company can help you develop a language learning app for multiple operating platforms with all the necessary features.

Student Performance Tracking App

This application is especially developed for universities, colleges and parents to keep track of student’s performance, attendance, behaviour and overall growth. With the help of this application, parents can get connected with the teachers directly and be able to discuss the performance of their child in the context of education and their progress. Also, the application can be accessed by parents to pay online fees with just a single click and get notified for the exam and relevant lectures.

Multiple other features can be added to this app if you choose to hire the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai.

Vocabulary Enhancing App

Vocabulary app is beneficial for all age group people, whether it be student or teacher or any other corporate professional.

Now those were the days of the past when people had the habit of keeping a dictionary with them. With the excessive usage of smartphones and mobile apps, users are more inclined towards the app and want everything on their screen.

Whether you are preparing for any competitive exam or want to enhance your vocabulary, Vocab apps can go a long way and ensure your success. Learning new words with this app can be very simple as it includes word puzzles, quizzes and word games that improve your vocabulary and making the entire learning process light and fun.

And, Android App Developer can quickly help you get a highly engaging and exciting vocabulary enhancing app for your startup.

Education App for Students with Special Needs

In the last few years, autism cases keep increasing, but you can’t ignore this segment of society. Since these students have a sharp mind to understand and learn new things, therefore, launching an education app for these students can be an excellent idea for the startups.

Design and develop an app that helps children with autism in learning new skills, improve communication, and develop living skills. Also, it can be great to add a parent column in your app that provides tips to handle autistic children and how to make them learn new things through an app.

Developing this kind of app with an in-house team can be challenging, so you can choose to hire an Android App Development Company helping you to create apps that fulfil your goals.

Augmented Reality-Based Education App

AR-based education is the perfect blend of technology and science, which allow teachers and schools to explain such things practically. By leveraging this technology, teachers can show experience and real-life objects or models for better understanding and study experience.

With the help of this app, students can quickly and easily grasp new things that will last longer in their memory. You can search for leading Android app developers to build an AR-based education app that can give a quick growth to your ed-tech startup.

Competitive Examination App

Reduce the fear of students of being entered into the examination hall for the first time. Introduce them with a proper pattern of competitive exams and prepare them to score better in exams.

There are many coaching centres available for exam preparations, but it is challenging to find the perfect syllabus, reference study material and then devoting hours at the coaching centre

Storytelling Preschool App

As its name suggests, this app is for toddlers and preschoolers who will enjoy listening to stories and poems from their parents before going to bed. Even these apps can be useful for some schools as well, who conduct storytelling sessions at school.

To develop highly interactive and attractive storytelling apps, you can hire a team of iPhone App Developers, which can develop apps with animated videos and at the end, tell you the moral of the story.

Ending Note

With the rise in technology and usage of smartphones, the education industry is also rising. If you are also entering into the education industry and planning to launch an app, then these education app development ideas can prove to be a game-changer for your ed-tech startup.

So whether you like any app idea from the above list or you have your app idea that you want to get executed in the same way, you can directly consult with our experts. They will guide you everything from the development cost to how long it will take to launch, and what feature needs to be integrated into the app.

For further reference, you can browse our portfolio and consult our experts!

Originally published at https://www.xicom.ae on April 21, 2020.




Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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Lori Caricofe

Lori Caricofe

Software tester by profession. Fast learner, Passionate about tech. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges!

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